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Quick Trip to Friday Harbor

I took Sheri, Kimberly, and Joslyn on a trip to Friday harbor in the Cirrus SR20 last Thursday. We didn’t take too many photos, and […]

Cirrus Training With Howard

Howard Wolvington is the CFII who taught me how to fly IFR. Most of the time I don’t bring my camera with me while we’re […]

Trip To/From Bremerton

Though it’s not aircraft related, I took a Ferry to a friends house in Bremerton. Along the way, I grabbed these photos.

OpenCamp in Dallas

I attended OpenCamp in Dalles, which proved to very informative. I didn’t have a great camera with me at the time, and mostly used my […]

Flying The De Havilland Beaver

A few of us were allowed to fly Kenmore Air’s Beaver. I don’t know how many times I’ll get that kind of opportunity in a […]