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By definition, General Aviation is done by enthusiasts. They want to fly, and will find any reason to spend all their money to do so, until they can’t do it anymore.

Quick Trip to Friday Harbor

I took Sheri, Kimberly, and Joslyn on a trip to Friday harbor in the Cirrus SR20 last Thursday. We didn’t take too many photos, and the ones in the cockpit are pretty blurry. The lens doesn’t have a short enough focal length to get that […]

Cirrus Training With Howard

Howard Wolvington is the CFII who taught me how to fly IFR. Most of the time I don’t bring my camera with me while we’re practicing approaches, but I did this time.

Flying The De Havilland Beaver

A few of us were allowed to fly Kenmore Air’s Beaver. I don’t know how many times I’ll get that kind of opportunity in a lifetime. I’ll take every one I can.